65 percent of businesses use cloud storage for disaster recovery

Worldwide, 65 percent of SMEs use the cloud as a backup solution for data. This finding comes from a study by Acronis and IDC. In Germany, there are 68 percent, with 40 percent, because of security concerns against it.

According to Acronis and IDC, complexity and data growth are the biggest challenges for small and medium businesses when it comes to data protection. The survey (PDF) also shows that more and more businesses need to be concerned with securing physical, virtual and cloud environments at the same time. The acceptance of cloud backup is at completely different levels in the surveyed countries.

Cloud icon imageThe greatest acceptance of disaster recovery in the cloud is in the US. 94 percent of the companies use them for securing the data. Worldwide, the value is only 65 percent. The least trusted Russian cloud companies, there are only 35 percent. In Germany, the value is 68 percent above the global average.

The main reason for the skepticism about a backup in the cloud, the respondents have given security concerns. In Germany, 40 percent of the participants did so.

The study also asked about the extent of the backup. Accordingly, 36 percent of German SMEs secure less than 75 percent of their own data. None of the surveyed German companies makes a backup of all data. For this, 80 percent of respondents in Germany are sure that they can recover all data.

For 84 percent of the companies, it is important that the most important systems are not allowed to fail for more than 7 hours. For 88 percent of the respondents, the downtime costs more than $ 20,000 per hour. Downtime costs can even exceed $ 60,000 per hour for 34 percent of companies.

More than 70 percent of respondents use multiple backup solutions-virtual, physical, and cloud-based servers. Administrators are trying to adapt solutions for data protection to practical considerations, citing solution effectiveness, ease of use, and cost as primary purchasing criteria.

Over 40 percent have purchased a backup product designed specifically for virtual environments, according to the study. Ease-of-use is particularly important in a data protection solution, as workload specialists are taking on more and more application management tasks, including areas they are less familiar with, such as backup and disaster recovery.

For the study, IDC interviewed 401 small and medium-sized enterprise IT staff (fewer than 1,000 employees) worldwide about ever-increasing data protection and disaster recovery needs. The respondents came from eight countries: Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore and the USA.

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