Apple wants to strengthen encryption of iCloud

Apple does not want to be able to access data of its users in the future. This is still possible to allow recovery of account information – for example, if the password is lost.

How to strengthen the encryption of iCloud, Apple checks a report by the Wall Street Journal . However, changes should only be introduced if they do not adversely affect the use of the cloud service. Apple wants to achieve that it can not access data from customers even on court order.

Apple has been encrypting its iCloud users’ data for some time, but the key is stored on its servers to help restore the account information – for example, if the password is lost. As a result, Apple is also able to forward data from its users to law enforcement agencies upon presentation of a court order.

Back in February, the Financial Times reported that Apple wanted to improve the encryption of iCloud. But according to WSJ, it is still unclear when Apple implements its plans.

Backups stored on iCloud are currently a popular source among investigators, including the case of the San Bernardino assassin. However, according to the FBI, the backup may not include all of the data on the iPhone 5C in question, which is why the US federal police are calling for Apple’s help in bypassing the device’s security features. However, Apple is now defending itself against the decision of a court, according to which it must support the FBI. Both parties will meet on 22 March at a hearing before a federal court in California.

Apple has no access to the information stored in iCloud Keychain such as passwords and credit card information. Users can set a security code to restore access to the Cloud Keychain if the password is lost. If the code is typed incorrectly ten times, Apple removes the Keychain account from its servers.

Stronger iCloud encryption would also protect data stored on Apple’s server from unauthorized access. In 2014, a hacker named Ryan Collins managed to access personal accounts of celebrities . He captured, among other nude photos, which he is said to have spread. However, he did not use, as initially suspected, a vulnerability in iCloud backup, but phishing emails to get access to at least 50 iCloud accounts.

For the provision of the iCloud Apple is currently also on the services of Microsoft and Amazon. Now a new contract with Google (Apple uses for iCloud the Google cloud) to reduce the dependence on these providers. Possibly, Apple will also be completely unsubscribe from the external partners.

Rittal and IBM present data center construction kit

At CeBIT, Rittal has for the first time demonstrated the “Smart Package” infrastructure platform for the rapid development of a data center for medium-sized businesses. Partner IBM integrates this offering into standardized data center solutions, such as the Scalable Modular Data Center.

Rittal offers customers with Smart Package a platform consisting of preconfigured components for the rapid development of an IT environment. Smart Package consists of Rittal TS IT racks as well as modules for air conditioning, power distribution, UPS, fire protection, monitoring and access protection tailored to the respective application. The modules are available in various performance classes and can be combined to form a quickly deployable solution. This should significantly accelerate the realization of a data center for companies and provide the best possible operating efficiency for the data center due to the coordinated modules.

The integration of Smart Package into standardized modular data center solutions, which are offered in sizes S – XXL, takes place via IBM, which takes over the consulting, planning and implementation up to the complete solution as general contractor. Customers should receive a turnkey and scalable IT environment from a single source.

“Smart Package was developed by Rittal and is perfect for medium-sized businesses. IBM also uses this solution for its own offerings around the Scalable Modular Data Center. With our complete solution, we have a unique product on the market that does not exist in a comparable form. The perfectly coordinated components and the complementary services from IBM make setting up and running a data center as easy and quick as never before, “says Marcus Fischbach, Director of Business Development, Rittal.

As a platform, Smart Package can be used in any IT environment. For example, the solution can complement existing data centers or be installed in mobile containers. The concept is also ideal for companies that need to quickly and easily add a modern IT environment to new locations and existing branches.

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