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Red Hat Enterprise Linux now also runs in Azure

More and more open technologies are finding their place in Microsoft’s cloud offering. Now users can also use the most important enterprise Linux distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, in Azure. Microsoft now also supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on the Azure cloud platform. ...Read More

Serverless: what approach to remember

The serverless is now on the roadmap of more and more companies. However, if this decision is significant in terms of architecture, it is only a starting point. To achieve this, the paths to take are many and the choice of a technological solution ...Read More

Oracle pushes out AI over its cloud services

Oracle has declared the advancement of another AI Platform Cloud Service, which the Goliath software seller says is intended to empower engineers to rapidly make and send undertaking services with AI highlights worked in. In a discourse board at Oracle OpenWorld, SVP of Oracle ...Read More