Server location and certification for CRM applications in the SaaS model

The current survey on the use of CRM in the “Software as a Service” model in German companies is in full swing. And although it will take some time until final results are available, one or the other tendency can already be seen.

In this context, we explore the question of what requirements should be met in order for companies to source CRM applications from abroad in the SaaS model. The following two selected results represent a kind of snapshot.

Not only is it often discussed, but the initial survey results also show that server location is important in choosing software vendors. For every fifth, it is “crucial” whether foreign software vendors have servers in Europe. The situation is even more significant when it comes to focusing on Germany. For more than half of all companies surveyed, it is “of crucial importance” that the servers are located in Germany, and this requires correspondingly from foreign software providers.

The question of the importance of certifications by recognized standards in Germany showed clear results. Two-thirds of respondents said that certifications are “critical”. The result becomes even clearer when you include the companies for which certifications play a “very significant” role. As a result, certification for five out of six companies is a prerequisite for considering a CRM solution as SaaS from abroad.

In summary, it can be stated that German companies are fundamentally open to CRM applications in the Saas model from abroad and would consider them in their decision-making. However, the eligible providers must meet some requirements. In addition to the two mentioned above, this also includes the correspondence of legal requirements and the fulfillment of regulatory conditions in Germany. It can already be seen from the survey results that it plays an important role for companies to what extent providers can have distribution partners and service partners in Germany.

The foreign software vendors, which already meet a large part or even all requirements, have thus already overcome a hurdle in the race for potential customers. It should be clear to other providers that, provided their solution is competitive, German companies are quite open-minded and could pay to invest accordingly.

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